Memorial Skatepark (aka Bill and Maxine Wilson Skatepark)

Memorial Skatepark Flow Bowl

Memorial Skatepark is a 22,000-square-foot outdoor concrete skatepark in the Logan Heights neighborhood of San Diego, California. The skatepark is packed with features, including a round vert bowl, snake run, expansive street plaza, and mini-flow bowl.


LocationSan Diego, California
Address702 S 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92113
Coordinates32.698118, -117.129853
FeaturesVert bowl, snake run, mini-bowl, street plaza
Size22,000 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates
Hours10 am to dusk
Phone(619) 235-1125

Memorial Skatepark Overview

Memorial Skatepark, officially known as Bill and Maxine Wilson Skatepark, is located about a mile and half southeast of downtown San Diego, on 30th Street, near the Memorial Recreation Center and next to Memorial Community Park.

The park opened in 2004 and serves the communities of Memorial, Barrio Logan, Grant Hill, Logan Heights, Sherman Heights, Stockton, Southcrest, Mount Hope, Mountain View, and Shelltown.

The skatepark cost around $14 million to build and was long the go-to skatepark in San Diego. Memorial Skatepark includes a 10-foot deep keyhole bowl, a 90-foot long snake run, a unique butterfly-shaped mini flow bowl, and a large street plaza. As newer parks have been built in San Diego, the park has seen less action, but it’s still a fun park with something for everyone.

The park is fenced and opened daily from 10 am to dusk. When you first enter the park, you look out on a large street plaza that is set into the ground from the main deck and surrounded by banks and quarterpipes of all sizes, some fairly tall – maybe reaching vert in places. This is a street plaza on a big scale, very impressive to see.

The plaza includes a bit set of stairs and a tall bank with handrails hubbas, a Euro-gap, numerous ledges, a big table top with hips, and a long quarterip wall with various pockets, hips and extensions.

To the left of the entrance is a minibowl that’s shaped like a butterfly. It’s a really cool little bowl with a volcano that sticks up between two pocket bowls. It has extensions and some lead-in grind coping that’s great for beginners learning to grind. It takes a bit of practice to keep your speed in this unique bowl, but it’s fun for beginners and long time skaters.

Across the park from the entrance is a large snake run that also serves as a mini-halfpipe in the shallow end. The snake run gets shorter as you travel from one end to the other and has steel coping all the way around. Not sure exactly how deep the tallest part is, but I’m going to gets in the 7-8 foot range. The shallow end is maybe 4 feet deep.

Lastly, the park also has a vert keyhole bowl. This bowl is no joke and feels like a throwback to burly 1970s skateparks. The circular bowl has a long roll-in and pool coping all the way around. It’s 10 feet deep, and I’ll guess it has a foot of vert.

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