Washington Park Skate Spot (aka Escondido Skate Spot)

Escondido Skate Spot

Washington Park Skate Spot is a 7,500-square-foot concrete skatepark in Escondido, California, that offers a street plaza with banks, stairs, handrails, ledges, and other features.


LocationWashington Park, Escondido, California
Address1526 E Washington Avenue
Escondido, CA 92027
Coordinates33.136777, -117.061169
FeaturesStreet plaza, fun box, banks, stairs, handrail, flatrail, ledges, hubbas, hip, pump bump
Size7,500 square feet
Riding AllowedSkateboards, scooters, skates
DesignerNew Line Skateparks
HoursDawn to dusk

Washington Park Skate Spot Overview

Designed by Kanten Russel at New Line Skateparks, Washington Park Skate Spot is the smaller of the two skateparks in Escondido. That said, it’s the only one in the town made of concrete and built to modern skatepark standards.

Washington Park Skate Spot

Overall, the park has a triangular shape and has elevated sections on either end — a quarterpipe with a deck on one side and a platform at the other end. In the center of the park is a triangular funbox with quarterpipes and banks on the sides, a manny box, and a curb across the top.

The wide quarterpipe has an interesting curved cutout in the middle that creates a small carvable pocket and many possibilities for hip airs and coping trickery.

Along the edges of the park, you’ll find several ledges to skate, an A-frame with matching hubba, and a quirky transitioned pyramid. There are also stairs, handrails, and other hubbas to skate.

Here’s a walkthrough video of the park with the designer, Kanten:

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