Encinitas Skate Plaza (aka Poods Skatepark)

Encinitas Skate Plaza, also known as “Poods Skatepark,” is a 34,000 square-foot concrete skatepark in Encinitas, California, that features a large street plaza and a vert bowl. This sprawling park offers plenty of features for everyone, from beginner to advanced skaters.


LocationCardiff, California
Address429 Santa Fe Drive
Encinitas, CA 92024
Coordinates33.033995, -117.282567
FeaturesBackyard-style bowl, street plaza, banks, handrails, hubbas, steps, ledges, rail slides, manual pads
Riding AllowedSkateboards
Hours8 am to sunset
Phone(760) 633-2740

Poods Skatepark Overview

Encinitas Skate Plaza – or Poods – is a fantastic skatepark in the heart of San Diego’s North County skateboard and surf culture. With input from some of the world’s best skaters, it’s no wonder Encinitas ended up with a killer park.

Encinitas Skatepark aerial
Aerial view of Poods Skatepark

The nickname “Poods” comes from a local skater who was killed in a fall from a cliff in nearby Leucadia.

The park is technically located in Cardiff, the surfer’s hamlet just south of Encinitas proper. The majority of the park is a multi-tier plaza connected with stairs, ramps, and massive banks.

The upper level of this street plaza has plenty of rails, ledges, and manny boxes to play around on, as well as some transitions and banks. There’s room here for less advanced skaters to cut their urethane, but also lots of lines to keep hardcore street skaters busy.

The lower level of the street plaza is a bit tighter in the flat bottom and there are almost always skaters ripping around this section. The banks on this level of the skatepark are tall and form large hips in places.

You can travel between the different tiers by carving the banks, ollying over ledges and stairs, causing or taking the handrails or hubbas down.

The concrete bowl is tucked into one corner of the park, below a tall wall that separates it from the back of the upper tier of the street plaza. This three-lobed bowl features one deep vert bowl and two near vert lobes.

Encinitas Skatepark bowl
Poods Skatepark bowl

Catch the park at the right time and you’ll see some of the local talent boosting big airs out of the bowl and slashing the pool coping.

One thing you’ll notice about Poods is that the concrete is pretty slick in places. If you are riding hard wheels, be a little cautious at first, until you have a chance to make your peace with the slippery surface.

If you are in the area, be sure to also check out Alga Norte Skatepark in Carlsbad and Prince Skatepark in Oceanside another terrific park just a few miles north in Carlsbad.

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