Robb Field Skatepark

Robb Field Skatepark

Robb Field Skatepark is a 40,000 square-foot concrete skatepark in San Diego’s Ocean Beach neighborhood that features numerous small bowls and a street plaza area.


LocationOcean Beach, San Diego, California
Address2525 Bacon Street
San Diego, CA 92107
Coordinates32.755931, -117.236022
FeaturesMini-bowls, hips, corners, spines, hubbas, pump bumps, rail slides, banks, ledges
Riding AllowedSkateboards
Hours10 am to dusk
Phone(858) 668-4671

Robb Field Skatepark Overview

Robb Field Skatepark

One of San Diego’s oldest modern skateparks, Robb Field Skatepark opened in February 2000 to the delight of local skaters.

The park is tucked into a corner lot between Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and the lagoon where the San Diego River empties into the Pacific Ocean.

Robb Field Skatepark
Entrance to the park, looking out towards the lagoon..

The general vibe is a bit gritty, similar to other parts of Ocean Beach – think Venice Beach without the street performers.

The park is split into two sections: a large street plaza area surrounded by banks and transitions and a pair of multisection mini bowls connected by a spine.

Robb Field Skatepark
Skater hitting one of the St

As skateparks have proliferated in San Diego in recent years, often built to modern specifications and with larger budgets, Robb Field has started to feel a bit dated by comparison. The concrete has aged and the design feels a bit monotonous – how many mini bowls do you need, anyway?

That said, this is a landmark in San Diego’s long skateboarding history. It’s still popular among locals and worth a visit for history and varieties’ sake after you’ve hit up San Diego’s other skateparks.

The street plaza area is still fun to skate, offering plenty of transitions, banks, rails, hubbas, hips, and ledges to play around on and plenty of flow lines.

Robb Field Skatepark
These curved transitions in the street plaza are a lot of fun.
Robb Field Skatepark
Robb Field Skatepark
Robb Field Skatepark
Hubbas greet you at the entrance.

The bowls have a lot of flat – too much in places – but you can find some nice lines through them if you work at it. The concrete on the bowls has aged and been repaired over the years.

Robb Field Skatepark
A spine connected to the two mini bowl sections.

It’s not the smoothest, but still in good enough shape to keep some speed. (Again, I’m comparing it to newer parks in the area that are some of the nicest in the country, so compared to many other skateparks, this one is a gem.)

Robb Fields Skatepark is a good place for beginner skaters, as there is plenty of space and lots of flat ground and mellow transitions to learn on. It also tends to be less crowded than some of the newer parks.

If you are looking for something a little more modern and sleek and/or itching for some vert, check out Linda Vista Skatepark, which is only 10 minutes away or head north 30 minutes to Poods Skatepark in Encinitas.

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