Kimball Skatepark

Kimball Skatepark

Kimball Skatepark is a 10,000 square-foot concrete street plaza skatepark located in National City, a town in San Diego County, California. The park offers a range of street skating features, including stairs, handrails, flat rails, hubbas, quarterpipes, hips, banks, a Euro gap, and more.


LocationNational City, San Diego, California
AddressKimball Park
1430 D Avenue
National City, CA 91950
Coordinates32.670856, -117.102271
FeaturesStairs, handrails, flat rails, hubbas, ledges, pump bump, pyramid, quarterpipes, hips, banks, Euro gap
Riding AllowedSkateboards
HoursDawn to dusk
Phone(619) 336-4364

Kimball Skatepark Overview

Kimball Skatepark rails

Kimball Skatepark was built in 2016 by SITE Design Group, Inc., and built by Spohn Ranch Skateparks, both top-notch skatepark companies.

Located in Kimball Park, the skate park has one of the odder overall shapes, like a piece of taffy pulled in half so that the middle stretches into a thin strand.

Kimball Skatepark

This is due to the park’s location on the edge of a baseball field, which pinches the park in the middle. Given the strange piece of land, SITE Design Group did a clever job of squeezing in a terrific street park.

Kimball Skatepark

The park is really two parks, thanks to the street plazas located at either end. Both sides are tiered with steps and handrails to skate. There are also ledges, hubbas, flat rails, and a quarter pipe with a hip to skate, among a number of other features.

Kimball Skatepark
Kimball Skatepark quarter pipe
Kimball Skatepark
Kimball Skatepark

While the park is fairly tight at 10,000 feet, there is ample flat space and some mellow features for beginners to learn on as well as bigger features for street fiends to ply their trade.

As a side note, National City is known for its large Phillipino community and proximity to San Diego’s shipyards. Great place to pick up some lumpia.

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